What? Again?

We can say that we live in an unprecedented time. The tragic school shooting yesterday in Broward County is just another example of someone who fell through the cracks of society and decided shooting innocent people would fix it. The media is saying it’s the 18th school shooting this year. That’s a stretch. Most of the incidents they’re including in this statistic don’t even start to approach the level of what happened here. A couple of them were suicides and in another, a 3rd grader pulled the trigger on an officer’s gun (no one was hurt.) Is it accurate to say those are school shootings?  I guess, technically, if they happened at a school. But the exaggeration by the media grabs your attention, doesn’t it?

I have to say this before I go on. I don’t have the answer. I’m not some all-seeing guru who can fix the ills of society. I’m just like you. I’m living in it. That being said, I feel like there were lots of warning signs surrounding the shooter that no one seemingly did anything about. Social media postings with guns, threats of violence and other anti-social behavior should’ve raised a red flag for someone close to this guy. Reports say the shooter wasn’t allowed to bring a backpack on campus because of previous threats to other students. So the school knew there was a problem. Was law enforcement ever involved? I don’t know.

I’m wondering if this tragedy could’ve been prevented. Maybe. The gun used was legally purchased by the shooter. Should he have been allowed to buy a gun? Probably not, but he did. Maybe a closer look by someone in his life could’ve led to counseling or maybe even hospitalization. Once again, I don’t know. But if someone close to him had shown even an iota of concern based on his social media and problems with social interaction, maybe he feels like someone cares and he doesn’t go off the deep end.

It’s all speculation on my part and it doesn’t change what happened. 17 people are dead and a dozen others are injured. It’s a sad time in America. I don’t know how to fix it.

There is something you CAN do. Give your child an extra hug before you send them off to school.


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