Talonda Yates

Co-Host, Mayhem in the A.M.

Weekdays 6AM - 9AM

Hello, Talonda Yates here!  And boy, am I glad I didn’t listen to my elementary teachers when they told me I couldn’t earn an honest living from talking!  I moved to the beautiful City of Lakeland by way of St. Petersburg five years ago and fell in love with the community and wonderful people.  The path of my on air radio career was paved by the encouragement from family and friends which has led me to the best and only radio talk show in Polk County.

I am a proud Air Force brat and the last born of five siblings.  I am a huge fan of college and professional sports, especially my Tampa Bay Buccaneers (OG SCUB!).  I also grew up playing competitive basketball and fast pitch softball throughout my youth.  Nowadays, I continue to play softball but there is absolutely nothing fast about it.  One of my dreams is to have as many pets as I do pairs of shoes.  For now, I'm content giving my undivided love to my sweet Chihuahua, Schmetterling.  When I'm not dreaming, you may find me shopping for more shoes, enjoying the local sights and happenings or aimlessly moving unwanted green vegetables around my plate while dinning in one of my favorite downtown restaurants. #cornlife

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