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Chris Rhoden

Co-Host, Mayhem in the A.M.

Weekdays 6AM - 9AM

Christopher is a native of Polk County, having  grown up and survived the mean streets of Fort Meade. On his journey to radio superstardom, he made several pit stops, including stints as a 911 operator, a waiter and an assistant middle school gym teacher. Don't let Christopher's birth year of 1988 fool you. He will be quick to tell you who guest-starred on what episode of Gilligan's Island and the name, album and year of that Motown song you can't seem to recall. Christopher is a fan of all things pop culture, but is known to pick up a newspaper to keep up with current events and all of the hot topics of the day. In his free time, Christopher enjoys participating in community theatre, reading a good book and partaking in any kind of baked goods. "Some people need coffee in the morning. Others start off the day with a bit of exercise. But EVERYBODY could use some Mayhem in the AM!"

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Louie Anderson

  Christopher got a chance to speak with comedian, actor, and writer Louie Anderson all about his new book that

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