Chris Rhoden

Co-Host, Mayhem in the A.M.

Weekdays 6AM - 9AM

Christopher is a native of Polk County, having  grown up and survived the mean streets of Fort Meade. On his journey to radio superstardom, he made several pit stops, including stints as a 911 operator, a waiter and an assistant middle school gym teacher. Don't let Christopher's birth year of 1988 fool you. He will be quick to tell you who guest-starred on what episode of Gilligan's Island and the name, album and year of that Motown song you can't seem to recall. Christopher is a fan of all things pop culture, but is known to pick up a newspaper to keep up with current events and all of the hot topics of the day. In his free time, Christopher enjoys participating in community theatre, reading a good book and partaking in any kind of baked goods. "Some people need coffee in the morning. Others start off the day with a bit of exercise. But EVERYBODY could use some Mayhem in the AM!"

Personal Blog


Clancy Brown

Christopher recently got the chance to talk with actor Clancy Brown! They talked about his role on ABC’s new show


Louie Anderson

  Christopher got a chance to speak with comedian, actor, and writer Louie Anderson all about his new book that

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