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Hi, I’m Andrea Oliver, News Director for Big 4’s Central Florida radio stations. Friends and family say I live, eat, and breathe news and that wouldn’t be too far from the truth. In my 20 plus years covering Central Florida, I’ve spoken with lots of interesting characters , seen lots of amazing sites and visited places that simply took my breath away. I have been on drug busts, covered perp walks, and on the other side of the spectrum, seen the marvel in kids eyes as I shared the fascinating life of a news anchor.

When I’m not covering the news, I love to workout and cook, or cook and workout! I’m also a history buff, particularly European History and along with my hubby, love to watch any documentary or series focusing on that period. I consider myself blessed, getting to do something everyday that I love, and I believe that I have the best job of all, getting to paint pictures with words on the radio!



DonnaRenfroeHi, I’m Donna Renfroe. In my 20 plus years in broadcast and print news, I’ve reported for The Tampa Tribune, News Channel 8, WCIE Radio and now the Big 4 Hall Radio Group here in Lakeland!  My work has included on scene reports, feature news, production and regular fill-in anchor duties for Hall News Director Andrea Oliver.  Seizing the chance to work for the Polk Sheriff’s Office early on in my career helped me to learn firsthand how law enforcement affects news coverage.

Community news is the cornerstone for Hall—whether its hurricane aide or local heroes, a business trend or a fundraising bash, we keep a close ear to what’s happening in our cities and the issues that affect our listeners, and it’s my great pleasure to be a part of keeping you informed!

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