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Michael LuBeck

It’s been a while since we had live musicians on the show but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been hard


How Vaccines Help

We go the chance to speak with Dr. Daniel Haight, Vice President of Community Health and Medical Director of Infection


Say Goodbye

We learned today on the program that long-time co-host Christopher Rhoden is leaving Mayhem in the AM. Here’s the announcement


Scrooge Much?

In a neighborhood in Minnesota, someone was posting a letter on people’s mailboxes if their houses were decorated for the


Lend a Hand

Today we spoke with Mayhem Political Analyst Dr. Bruce Anderson from Florida Southern College. We talked a bit about politics,


Food Nation

Every Saturday at 11 a.m. you can catch Food Nation Radio with host Elizabeth Dougherty right here on Talk 1430


Bob Saget

Today we got to talk to a very well known actor/comedian about a special cause that’s close to his heart.


They’re Baaaack!!

It’s been months since the pandemic started and like many other entertainment venues, Lakeland Community Theatre has been dark in

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