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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Gilbert Gottfried…AGAIN

Yes, he’s back. Christopher took the opportunity once again to speak to one of his all time favorite comedians, Gilbert Gottfried, to see what he is up to lately and possibly do another duet. Check it out!

New Boot Goofin’ with “Reno 911!” star Thomas Lennon

“Reno 911!” is one of my favorite television comedies and still makes me laugh just as much when I watch it now as when I watched it when it premiered 17 years ago. New episodes of the series are debuting on the new streaming app Quibi and I spoke with creator, writer, and star of the show Thomas Lennon, aka Lieutenant Jim Dangle, about the new episodes and some of my favorite moments from the originals series. Enjoy!

Gilbert Gottfried

Christopher was left alone in the studio and he managed to get one of his favorite comedians on the phone for an interview. Making his THIRD appearance on Mayhem in the AM, Gilbert Gottfried and extreme fanboy Christopher chat about Gilbert’s video messages available on Cameo. com, his podcast, and the time that Christopher actually got to meet him in person! Check it out!

The Sports Hour with Christopher Rhoden

Neal Duncan from Polk County Sports Marketing was here for The Sports Hour and he mentioned the television version of The Sports Hour on the Polk Government TV network. Christopher lamented that he had never been a guest on the television show and that it was high time he was on. Listen to see what unfolded from that request…

Christopher is Single

For the majority of his 6+ years on this program, our Christopher has remained woefully un-partnered. If you’re a Mayhemmer, you know his love life, or lack thereof, is a frequent discussion on the show. Today, Len thought he would help Christoper out by bringing him up to date on the new dating trends and terms that he should expect to see in 2020. Heaven help him.

Clancy Brown

Christopher recently got the chance to talk with actor Clancy Brown! They talked about his role on ABC’s new show “Emergence” and about some of his roles from the past, including an interesting take on his Mr. Krabs character from Spongebob Squarepants.

The Feud To End All Feuds

If I were to talk about music feuds, I can guess a few that would come to mind. Tupac vs Biggie. Paul vs Yoko. Mariah vs…well, everybody. But I bring to you now THE feud to end all feuds: Smash Mouth vs The Smashing Pumpkins. It’s a hulk of a feud (get it? Because of all the smash…never mind).

So Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan recently did a Q&A session on Instagram and got around to talking about a missed opportunity involving the band being chosen to have a song of theirs for the ending credits of the animated film Shrek. Now, unless you’ve lived under a rock the last two decades or aren’t into overrated animated film franchises, you know that Shrek BEGINS and ENDS with songs from Smash Mouth. They are the Alpha and Omega. So you can imagine this claim from Corgan didn’t sit well with The Mouth.

Smash Mouth posted a statement to their Twitter account that included the following quote, ” If it feeds Billy’s ego to think they we’re [sic] first let him think that.”

Gauntlet thrown.

What do you think is going to happen next? My money is on Smash Mouth. We know they have no qualms with taking the back streets. Their world is on fire and they actually like it! They will reign down on the Pumpkins with all the years, and we know that once the years start coming, THEY DON’T STOP COMING.

Christopher is Single


With any relationship you have, you have milestones that you reach together. Some of those milestones pertain to your ability to be completely comfortable to be yourself around your partner. Christopher doesn’t think that some of those milestones are attainable at all and that just may be why…CHRISTOPHER IS SINGLE!

BONUS Clip of the Day: Christopher is Single

Three things are certain in this life: death, taxes, and Christopher being single. Don’t worry, we’re just teasing! Christopher actually brought up the subject himself today when he told a story about what is possibly the worst first date of all time and how it reassures him that it’s okay to be single. Click here to check out the story!

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