About Talk 1430 & Talk 96.7

WLKF is licensed in the city of Lakeland, Florida and is owned & operated by Hall Communications (AKA: Big 4 of Lakeland). You can find us on the AM dial at 1430 AM, on the air 24 hours a day (unless we take a direct hit by lightning, tornados or hurricanes).

A great place to read about the complete history of WLKF is on a website created by former Hall employee Jim Maloy here.

The following information is a brief glimpse into our past.

The station got its start on May 15, 1936 with a different name (WLAK) and a different frequency (1310). Over the years, it has passed under various ownerships, moved across the dial (1340 then 1430), and changed its call letters (WQPD then WLKF). It probably wouldn’t be too hard to figure out that our call letters stand for, but for the record; W (first letter designated for stations east of the Mississippi River by the FCC), LK (abbreviation for Lakeland), and F (for Florida).

The goal for WLKF is to keep listeners in and around the greater Lakeland area informed and entertained. We offer local news from employees right here in Lakeland, state news from Florida Radio News(FRN), and national and world news from ABC News. WLKF is also an Associated Press affiliate. WLKF also teams up with BayNews 9 to bring our listeners the most complete and accurate coverage possible when bad weather threatens.

For informative entertainment, WLKF brings you local programming like “Polk County Live with Len Erickson” each weekday morning, and “Ask the Experts” weekday afternoons. And then, of course, there are the top talk shows in the nation; Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

If you think WLKF can do something else to serve our listeners better, let us know…we’re open to suggestions. Contact Us with your ideas. And thanks for listening to Talk 1430 WLKF!

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