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What’s Next?

We are a nation divided. Is this horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas the event that we need to bring us together? Why does it take tragedy to unite us? (i.e. 9-11-2001)

I fear we’ve gone past the point of unity. I fear what I’m going to see on social media in the next few days. People have already posted inaccurate information. Deliberate hoaxes. I don’t understand to what end people feel the need to do this. Stop. Just stop!

Will the United States become like other countries in the world where you may die from riding the bus or going to the mall for some shopping? We’re creeping toward that end.

I titled this post What’s Next? because I hope someone knows. I don’t. I’m just sad and angry and hope with all of my heart that we can come together and bridge the divide that exists in 2017 between Americans. And stop killing each other!!

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