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Steve Schirripa

steve sopranos

Steve Schirripa (Bobby Baccalieri on The Sopranos) is one of only a few series regulars from the acclaimed series “The Sopranos” that hasn’t stopped working since the series’ finale. He is currently starring on the CBS drama “Blue Bloods.” Steve is also in Woody Allen’s new feature film “Wonder Wheel.”
To go along with his acting, Steve is also a best-selling author and host of some true crime series on Discovery Investigation.
He’s also got a side project, Uncle’s Steve’s pasta Sauce. Using his mom’s recipe, he’s developed an organic line of traditional Italian pasta sauces: Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties. The organic pasta sauce is now available in stores across the country including… Whole Food.
Listen to today’s clip of the day and see just what this ‘made man’ is up to these days.


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