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Clip of the Day

Clip of the Day Blog


Survey Says…

We sometimes share with you the results of surveys that people do for various subjects. One on today’s show surveyed cat owners


David Brimer

Today on Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! David Brimer gave us a special preview of his new album, “Florida


Cow Patrol

Police in Sanford, near Orlando, got an assist from some unlikely citizens when they were trying to catch a woman


Slippery Slope

Today on Mayhem in the AM we talked with our political analyst, Dr. Bruce Anderson from Florida Southern College, about


Justin Grimes

Our friend Justin Grimes fought his way through all sorts of road debris and road blocks to play for us


Your Face Smells Great!!

You have to wonder when a chain restaurant introduces a line of makeup, don’t you?

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