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‘Lurking’ Good

With Halloween fast approaching, there’s no other guest you want on your radio show than the Prince of Puns, the (g)Host with the Most, the Undertaker for Ghoulish Undertakings; Dr. Paul Bearer!!
We had a listener ask, “Didn’t he die?” and the short answer is yes, he did.
Legend has it that after Dr. Paul Bearer died in 1995, a group of slightly crazed scientists gathered together in a last stitch effort to bring him back to life. They worked tirelessly through the midnight hours for years until their endeavor finally paid off. The cloning of Dr. Paul Bearer was a success!
So now, he travels the dark and lonely highways of the after-life to bring startles and frights to all the little girls and boys.
Here’s Dr. Paul Bearer’s latest appearance on Mayhem in the AM:

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