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Live Local Music on the Radio


You know that it is our absolute pleasure to bring LIVE and LOCAL music to you every Friday during Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live! It’s truly one of our favorite times of the week, and from what we hear from you Mayhemmers, you enjoy it as well. We were joined this week by the extremely talented Brian Sutherland and Jason Baker as they put a unique twist on a Disney classic. Make sure to check out the video of their other performance on our Facebook page!

One thought on “Live Local Music on the Radio

  • Len – Watch the mail for a gag tie (‘single’)-might make it in time for Valentine’s Day, won’t leave ’til tomorrow – Sat. – and a rendition of the ‘Christmas Centerfold’ from the Mulberry Press, listing the ’45 Goals – What the Communists want to do to U.S.’) which I hope prove useful in classifying, etc. as they appear…Enjoy the Show!
    Best Wishes

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