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Legit Rock Star!



As we prepped for Hurricane Irma and brought you the latest information about the storm on today’s show, we also wanted to bring you a bit of a distraction to help keep you sane through this mess. You may not know, but we’ve got a legit rock star in our midst in Lakeland!!
Shane Lawlor runs Lkld Live at Studio B and brings all sorts of entertainment, from comedians to musical acts to plays to downtown Lakeland. Shane does a fantastic job booking top-notch entertainment but that’s not the whole story. He used to be in a couple of nationally touring rock bands!! The photo above is from when Shane was in the band Nic Armstrong & The Thieves. He’s on the right and I swear I’ve seen him wear that same shirt!!
We talk about Shane’s musical background, listen to a IV Thieves song (they changed the name of the band) and look at the upcoming schedule for LkldLive on today’s Clip of the Day!!

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