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What Happened to 2017?

We’ve been commenting recently about how fast 2017 has flown by. That may or may not be the case for you but did you know you’ve worked a months worth of time this year for free? Apparently this is on of those sad but true facts of life in America. Also, not necessarily sad but true, Len isn’t a grandfather yet. Could that be changing soon? Maybe. Check it out in today’s Clip of the Day!!

Mind Readers

We prep for the show every day and map out each hour, down to each segment. We hope we’re filling the show with content that you’ll enjoy. Every now and then, something shows up in the prep that hits the proverbial nail on the head. We play a comedy bit from our radio prep service called “One Minute Inside a Woman’s Head.” Today’s edition struck us as having many of the qualities that Talonda has shown over her time with us. Check it out!

Scary Sports!!

During one of the segments of The Sports Hour today, we talked about how scary it was to be a fan of our respective sports teams over the past weekend. Neal Duncan from Central Florida Sports Marketing was here and between his Seminoles and my Gators and Bulls and our Bucs, it turned out to be scarier than anything Hollywood could cook up. The horror…. the horror….

Totally Geeked Out!!

There’s a new trailer for the next Star Wars movie, “The Last Jedi.”

What do you think?

What’s Next?

We are a nation divided. Is this horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas the event that we need to bring us together? Why does it take tragedy to unite us? (i.e. 9-11-2001)

I fear we’ve gone past the point of unity. I fear what I’m going to see on social media in the next few days. People have already posted inaccurate information. Deliberate hoaxes. I don’t understand to what end people feel the need to do this. Stop. Just stop!

Will the United States become like other countries in the world where you may die from riding the bus or going to the mall for some shopping? We’re creeping toward that end.

I titled this post What’s Next? because I hope someone knows. I don’t. I’m just sad and angry and hope with all of my heart that we can come together and bridge the divide that exists in 2017 between Americans. And stop killing each other!!

Going to the Birds!


Dr. Bruce Anderson from Florida Southern College is the Mayhem in the AM political analyst.
This semester, Dr. Bruce is joining us on Wednesday mornings.
Today when the good Dr. was here, somehow we started talking about birds and politics were the furthest thing from the conversation.
Dr. Bruce is always a good sport and his quick wit is always welcome on the show!


FEMA Calls in to Mayhem!

We were doing our Thursday morning show, talking about weird holidays, trying to get back to some form of normalcy when out of the blue, Lynn Kimbrough from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) called in!! We’re grateful that Lynn was able to share information with Mayhem listeners about how to get help with their Hurricane Irma recovery if needed. You can listen to the chat here:



4-Way Stop

Remember. When you see this:


You treat it like a four-way stop. I’ve seen many people not following this important rule of the road in the wake of Hurricane Irma and the massive power outages. I’ve even twice now seen the result of not treating a disabled traffic signal as a four-way stop, car crashes. Please treat disabled traffic signals as a four-way stop. Thank you.

Mayhem Unplugged…Seriously.

mayhemirma                    cat

Well, once again, the aftermath of that no good broad Hurricane Irma has taken WLKF off of the air! We were taken off the air Monday morning due to technical issues with our tower but we were able to get back on by the afternoon. Sometime late Monday night/early Tuesday morning, the issues resurfaced rendering us unable to broadcast. We hope to be back with you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please continue to watch our website and our Facebook account at for more information.

Legit Rock Star!



As we prepped for Hurricane Irma and brought you the latest information about the storm on today’s show, we also wanted to bring you a bit of a distraction to help keep you sane through this mess. You may not know, but we’ve got a legit rock star in our midst in Lakeland!!
Shane Lawlor runs Lkld Live at Studio B and brings all sorts of entertainment, from comedians to musical acts to plays to downtown Lakeland. Shane does a fantastic job booking top-notch entertainment but that’s not the whole story. He used to be in a couple of nationally touring rock bands!! The photo above is from when Shane was in the band Nic Armstrong & The Thieves. He’s on the right and I swear I’ve seen him wear that same shirt!!
We talk about Shane’s musical background, listen to a IV Thieves song (they changed the name of the band) and look at the upcoming schedule for LkldLive on today’s Clip of the Day!!

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