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LuBecke (Iconic Opera)

Michael LuBecke, Matt Gehlsen

Fridays are for Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! Today we welcomed Michael LuBecke and Matt Gehlsen to the show. It’s always a great time when we bring in these local musicians. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing it more for me than for them because of my love of live music. I hope they’re as happy to be here as I am to have them here. It’s my pleasure to share local musicians and their talents on the show. Listen to today’s Clip of the Day to hear a couple of original tunes and find out how you can see where the guys are playing. Go to our Facebook page for a video of the song “Depraved.” Have a great weekend and please join us again next week.

Clancy Brown

Christopher recently got the chance to talk with actor Clancy Brown! They talked about his role on ABC’s new show “Emergence” and about some of his roles from the past, including an interesting take on his Mr. Krabs character from Spongebob Squarepants.

You’re Getting Sleepy…

We talked about a sleep study on the show today that claims a cumulative lack of enough sleep could be just as harmful as no sleep at all. Being early risers, whether by choice or by necessity, we don’t always get enough sleep. That can lead to a cognitive decline. Without a full nightly compliment of slumber, that means eight hours, you risk a decline in reaction time, critical thinking and other cognitive skills. Listen to today’s Clip of the Day and hear us talk about how much sleep we don’t get!

Rockin’ For the Vets!

Today we learned about an organization that’s raising awareness to the plight of our veterans. Did you know that 22 ex-service members commit suicide every day? It’s a fact and Wretched Few wants to do something about it.
Wretched Few is based in Lake Wales. They started up last year and are registered with the State of Florida as a non-profit corporation. Their purpose is to educate veterans about suicide and mental health awareness.  Visit their web site and listen to today’s Clip of the Day to see what great work these guys are doing.

Evil Genius or Just a Jerk?

You decide. Is it something you’d even consider? I think most people wouldn’t do it, but I also think there’s a number of people out there that would try it. A guy in the Washington D.C. area went to an Outback Steakhouse alone on Valentine’s Day and pretended his date stood him up to see if he could get a free meal.  And since he live tweeted the whole thing, we know that it WORKED.  Someone felt bad for him and bought him a steak dinner. But then the guilt set in…

New Show Segment

And now for a brand new segment on Mayhem in the AM entitled; “Christopher is a Horrible Boyfriend.” Here’s Christopher out to eat dinner with his girlfriend:

And that was the first installment of the new Mayhem segment; “Christopher is a Horrible Boyfriend.”


Blew It

I was going through some old files and I found some poetry I’d written. This one particular piece seems to fit my recent mood so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s called “Blew It.”

A gentle breeze brushes against the edge of your conscience
You relish the warm wind on your maddening mind
A song of revolution wafts through the air
Like a butterfly bent on passionate pollination
You rise on the breeze of beatitudes
Caught between remembrances and forgotten falsehoods
As a changing wind billows through your brain
While you lean against a rail of random wrongdoings
A blast of bold brashness takes you beyond your wildest illusions
Where gods and goddesses yield before your mounting mistral
Flutter beneath your brilliant countenance

An imaginary gale of good providence whisks you away to your distorted destination
But a fierce and howling tempest violently blows heart and soul
Further from your collapsing kingdom
The prevalent wind wounds your will

Blusterous broken bubbles
Devour defective dreams


The Feud To End All Feuds

If I were to talk about music feuds, I can guess a few that would come to mind. Tupac vs Biggie. Paul vs Yoko. Mariah vs…well, everybody. But I bring to you now THE feud to end all feuds: Smash Mouth vs The Smashing Pumpkins. It’s a hulk of a feud (get it? Because of all the smash…never mind).

So Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan recently did a Q&A session on Instagram and got around to talking about a missed opportunity involving the band being chosen to have a song of theirs for the ending credits of the animated film Shrek. Now, unless you’ve lived under a rock the last two decades or aren’t into overrated animated film franchises, you know that Shrek BEGINS and ENDS with songs from Smash Mouth. They are the Alpha and Omega. So you can imagine this claim from Corgan didn’t sit well with The Mouth.

Smash Mouth posted a statement to their Twitter account that included the following quote, ” If it feeds Billy’s ego to think they we’re [sic] first let him think that.”

Gauntlet thrown.

What do you think is going to happen next? My money is on Smash Mouth. We know they have no qualms with taking the back streets. Their world is on fire and they actually like it! They will reign down on the Pumpkins with all the years, and we know that once the years start coming, THEY DON’T STOP COMING.

Christopher is Single


With any relationship you have, you have milestones that you reach together. Some of those milestones pertain to your ability to be completely comfortable to be yourself around your partner. Christopher doesn’t think that some of those milestones are attainable at all and that just may be why…CHRISTOPHER IS SINGLE!

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