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Don’t Shake That Present!

It’s Christmas Eve! The bearded big guy is on his way! No, not Christopher. You don’t have to have presents to have a great Christmas, but it is certainly a big part of most Christmas traditions. When it comes to giving and receiving Christmas gifts, do you and your family have any traditions? We discussed some of those today on the show. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

Anisette Mayer

Today for Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! we welcomed Anisette Mayer to our little studio to perform some of her incredible original music. She delivered a couple of fantastic songs and we couldn’t be happier!! Please click the links here and here to see her pages and find out where you can go and catch her performing. You’ll be glad you did.

Haines City LEO Love

The Haines City Police Department’s COPS unit and Parks & Recreation Department will be providing a free holiday meal at the Lake Eva Events Center on Dec. 23 to thank residents for their support. Ryan Ritchie and some of the HCPD’s finest stopped by Mayhem in the AM this morning to tell us about the event. Check it out on today’s Clip of the Day!!

Back to Work!!

There’s a company in the U.K. that makes a toilet with a seat that’s angled forward. The purpose? To get workers to spend less time slacking off in the john. Apparently, people are using the restroom as a hideout from their work duties (pun not intended, lol.) Hear about it on today’s Clip of the Day!!

Tree Topper

The question is: What is on top of your Christmas tree? Do you use a tree topper or do you even have a tree? Find out what is the most popular decoration that sits atop your holiday evergreen on today’s Clip of the Day.

Don’t Judge

It’s a nice sentiment, but this holiday season, you will be judged by the people that come to your house. On today’s Clip of the Day, we eventually get to that story but we also went off on a Mayhem tangent before that happens. Check it out!

LkldNow On the Radio

Joined today by Barry Friedman of LkldNow.com. We talked about the City of Lakeland’s discussion of a broadband internet utility. Also, the grand opening of a new sort of Publix in town. Check it out on today’s Clip of the Day.

Rusty Wright Band

We were very happy this morning to welcome The Rusty Wright Band to Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! It’s been a little bit since we heard from Rusty and his gang. We got treated to a new song that’s not out yet and a Rusty-style Christmas song! Check out the chat and both tunes on today’s Clip of the Day below. Also, visit our Facebook page to see a video of “Devil’s In the Details.”

Bad Gift Season

We’ve all received a bad gift. We smile and say thank you and then the gift ends up in a nick-knack drawer or worse. As a public service to our Mayhemmers, we went over a list of things that people say are bad gifts. The last thing you want is to give someone a gift and they say, “That’s interesting.” Check out today’s Clip of the Day to hear about at least some of the gifts you should avoid giving. (And no matter what the list says, booze is never a bad gift unless you give it to someone you know has a drinking problem.)

It’s A Miracle!

Got a visit today from some of the cast and crew of Lakeland Community Theatre’s latest production, “Miracle on 34th Street – The Musical.” If you’ve seen the movie from the 1940’s, this show is based on that. It’s a wonderful tale for the holiday season. The show is performed the next couple of weekends. Check out the theater’s website for more information and for tickets. Oh yeah… We kind of went off the rails a little bit during the segment, got off track, if you will, but that’s how we do.

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