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It’s been a little while but we’re always happy when KitchenKillaz show up for Mayhem in the AM presents Lakeland Live!! Billy Floyd and Jay “the Commodore” Stephens are always upbeat and happy to share their unique sound with us. And what they do is very unique in the world of performance. They will literally perform a show for you in your kitchen. They’re almost booked for the whole year so if you want them, reach out as soon as possible. Enjoy listening to their visit on the show today. That’s the Clip of the Day below. Also, you can see a video for the song “June” on our Facebook page.

Vanessa Bayer

Our latest addition to the Mayhem Hall of Fame is Vanessa Bayer. The ever-smiling beauty is well known for being a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 2010 to 2017. As a regular on the show, she displayed intense energy and was very dependable. While on the show, Vanessa portrayed a series of characters that were well received including Rachel fromĀ Friends, Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy and the chirpy, confusing weather lady Dawn Lazarus. She’s now a children’s book author and we spoke with her about that and her time on SNL.

48 States Away

Today was very exciting on Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! We welcomed Alex, Clint and Raf, collectively known as 48 States Away, for their Mayhem debut. The guys have known each other since their school days and actually have a connection with the show as they went to school with Len’s son and daughter and even made music years ago with Len’s son, Michael. Alex describes the band as “three friends who are making music” with no big expectations, just the love of the music. It’s a formula that works for them. The proof is below when you listen to the entire visit, including both songs. It’s the Clip of the Day. You can also check out a video of “Promesa de Dios” on our Facebook page.

…then, Amanda Ghosted Jack

Last year, Amanda Teague legally married her soul-mate Jack. Jack was a pirate who died in the 1700s after being executed for thieving on the high seas. Amanda was very much in love and felt marrying the buccaneer spirit was right for her. Things went sour rather quickly.
Amanda says that, “After two weeks of marriage, I started to get health problems. I started to get reoccurring perianal abscesses” (It’s a real thing that you DON’T want. Look it up) “and I was suffering from cirrhosis. About four or five months in, when things started to go really downhill, I went back to some of the people that had communicated with Jack. I know the symptoms of possession and part of it is ill health.”
Amanda was hoping to undergo an exorcism after Jack’s spirit possessed her and left her hospitalized. Jack also threatened to kill her if she tried to dump him. How did things work out for Amanda? Find out on today’s Clip of the Day!

Courtney Plummer

For this weeks edition of Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! we welcomed Courtney Plummer back to the show! Courtney told us she’s trying to raise funds to record her music and that’s exactly the right thing to do in our opinion. Courtney has been playing the local scene and fans are clamoring for her music so if you want to help, she’s set up a GoFundMe page where you can do just that. In the meanwhile, check out today’s Clip of the Day to hear the whole visit. Go to our Facebook page to see a video of her song, “A Fire in Your Eyes.” It’s beautifully written and performed. You’ll be glad you did!!


Let’s Get Political, Political…

You know you hear Olivia Newton John in your head after that headline, am I right? Dr. Zach Baumann was here from Florida Southern College. He’s doing a great job filling in while Dr. Bruce is off gallivanting around Europe with FSC students. Ever since before he was sworn in as President of the United States, the Democrats have been investigating Donald Trump. There was more friction in D.C. yesterday between Trump and the Dems. We try to muddle our way through it and wouldn’t have a chance if Dr. Zach wasn’t here to guide us.


We’re #2!!

It just doesn’t have the same ring to it as declaring yourself the best. After all, second place is first loser. But, is this really a category where we should be attempting to attain the pinnacle? A recent study shows that there’s one country that gets drunk more than us. Listen to today’s Clip of the Day to find out who’s leading the world in inebriation. Also, which beers are most popular in America? The answer could surprise you.


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