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The World Wide Web turned 30 this week.  A poll found 49% of us think internet access should be a basic human right. So could YOU go without it? A poll last month in the U.K. asked people if they’d give up the internet FOREVER for a million pounds . That’s about $1.3 million U-S. 48% said yes, they would . . . 32% said no, not worth it . . . and 20% weren’t sure. Of course, your Mayhem Crew and some Mayhemmers had their own thoughts about this. It’s today’s Clip of the Day!!


Blake Free

We got to meet another talented musician today on Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! Blake Free came by and sang a couple of songs for us and shared a little bit about his musical history. We’re always very happy to welcome in these musical guests and we’re always blown away by the amount of talent in our area. Check out our chat with Blake below and head over to our Facebook page to see a video of him singing his song, “The Reason.” Have a great weekend and we’ll see you again dark and early Monday morning at 6 a.m. on Talk 1430 & Talk 96.7!!


Strawberry Festival Queen & Court

It’s a tradition every year. Yes, the Florida Strawberry Festival is definitely one of the signature events of central Florida and this year is no exception. The annual event has become one of the best Festivals in the nation and now ranks among the Top 40 Fairs in North America. We got a visit from the Festival’s 84th Queen and her Court to share festival happenings with us. If you look at the photo above, please note the one wearing the crown is NOT the queen we spoke with. The actual Queen is to his right. Wearing the Queen’s crown is, I believe, a decapitation level violation. We’ll have to wait and see if Christopher loses his head or not. Anyway, listen to today’s Clip of the Day and you’ll be excited about the 2019 Florida Strawberry Festival, too.

Polk County Porch Pickers

What do you get when you have a bunch of guys who love to get together, have some brews and play music for fun? It’s the Polk County Porch Pickers!! And they are a fun bunch! We were happy to welcome them on the show today for Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! Listen to the visit below. It’s today’s Clip of the Day. Also, don’t forget to go to our Facebook page to see a video of the guys doing the Buffalo Springfield classic, “For What It’s Worth.” Have a great weekend and come see us again Monday for an all-new edition of Mayhem in the AM on Talk 1430 & Talk 96.7!!

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