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Christopher is Single

It’s been a constant for most of the time since we started talking about it on the radio. There was a brief period several months ago when we started to talk about how horrible Christopher is as a boyfriend, but luckily (for the show,) that relationship didn’t last. We are still able to continue to state, with full confidence, Christopher is Single. In today’s Clip of the Day, Len relays tips to Christopher for getting more right swipes on Tinder.

Jack Sprouse

Back with the Mayhem Crew for the first time since December, it’s Jack Sprouse! Of course, every Friday we bring you Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! Jack was gracious enough to be here this morning despite a late gig last night at Molly McHugh’s. You can hear Jack’s visit on the Clip of the Day below and see a video of the song “Saddest Song I Ever Wrote” on our Facebook page. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here Monday with an all-new edition of the show on Talk 1430 & Talk 96.7.

Mayhem Goes Wild…and Scottish?

Our old pal Cello stopped by as he usually does on Thursdays to give us a preview of what’s playing at the Polk Theatre. This week, they’re showing an indie film about a young single mother fresh out of prison who wants to be a famous country singer. Oh, did we mention that she is also Scottish? That’s right. It’s a film about a young Scottish single mom/aspiring country singer. And who says that Hollywood is out of original ideas??? You have to listen to the Clip of the Day to see how the plot of this film really inspired Christopher to show off his Scottish roots…


The Robots Will Win!

A lot of stuff going on today during the Mayhem in the AM broadcast. We got visits from Sheriff Grady Judd and Randa from SPCA Florida and the Kiwanis were in the parking lot loading up school supplies for Stuff the Bus. We talked about a lot of things on the show including whether you’d prefer to lose your job to a human or a robot. Surprisingly, people would rather have the machine take over their job. It’s how it all starts. Haven’t you seen the documentary about that, “The Terminator?” Oh, that’s not a documentary? Either way, Skynet is coming and you shouldn’t be surprised when the machines decide they don’t need us. Enjoy today’s Clip of the Day and please tell a friend about our show so they can listen, too!

Fire Them Cannons!!

Today, we had our annual chat with the radio voice of Tampa Bay Buccaneer and FSU Seminole football, the one, the only¬† Mr. Gene Deckerhoff!! Of course you can hear Bucs and ‘Noles games live on Talk 1430 and Talk 96.7. Gene’s been calling games for both teams for the last 31 seasons and shows no signs of slowing down. Without further ado, check out today’s Clip of the Day!!

Britt Mathis (Space Panda)

Another first-timer on Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! today. Britt Mathis, known by many in the local music community as Space Panda, made his debut on the show. If I were to describe his musical style, I would say imagine if John Mayer and Jack Johnson had a baby. It’s Space Panda!! Very happy to share with you his song, “Seedlings,” on our Facebook page. Check out Britt’s visit with us on the Clip of the Day below. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you dark and early Monday morning for the next all-new edition of the show on Talk 1430 & Talk 96.7!!

No. Just No.

In the past, we’ve talked about some product releases that we just can’t get behind. Some are food items. Some are clothing. The one today is in most people’s opinion (I hope,) an abomination.

French’s Mustard just announced that in honor of the holiday, they’re releasing a brand new MUSTARD ICE CREAM. It’s bright yellow and apparently it tastes like cake batter with mustard swirled in. A reviewer for Thrillist.com tried it and surprisingly, they liked it.

We say no, just no!

First World (Food) Problems

You’re over that Baby Shark song. It should be past its prime by now, right? Wrong! Kellogg’s is introducing Baby Shark cereal so your children can keep right on singing that annoying tune while on a sugar high!!

Also, what would you do if you put a sandwich in the fridge at work and came back to find a bite taken out of it? What would you do if this happened to you and you were a cop? The real-life story isn’t a ‘what if’ and it doesn’t end how you think. Listen to these stories and more when you check out today’s Clip of the Day!!

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