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The Von Wagner Code


Today we spoke with Alex Rich, Curator and Director of Galleries & Exhibitions at the Polk Museum of Art, about a unique PMoA  exhibition inspired by the rediscovery of a damaged, long-lost painting on the Florida Southern College campus and the exciting search for answers about its origins. Listen to today’s Clip of the Day for the story of “The Chariot Race.” After that, make plans to go to the museum to see the exhibition for yourself, opening June 23rd.


International House of ___________.

Fans of the long-time pancake palace waited with anticipation this morning to see what the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) would be changing their name to. The teasers last week showed the logo with the P flipped over to make a b. There was much speculation as to what the ‘b’ would stand for. This morning we found out and you can hear our thoughts on the matter in today’s Clip of the Day.


Passing Thru

Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! is a feature we have every Friday morning. Local singers, songwriters and bands give us an acoustic taste of their wares. We love marrying local radio with local music. It fits like a glove!! Our guest today was the band Passing Thru; Anna, J.R., Nick and Dan. They only met last November and they’re already producing what we like to call ‘radio-ready’ music. Enjoy a video of their song, “Surf Shop Girl” on our Facebook page and please listen to our Clip of the Day below to hear the whole segment. Enjoy your weekend, be safe and join us again Monday morning for the next all new edition of the program on Talk 1430 & Talk 96.7!!

Courtney Plummer

The Mayhem Crew with Courtney Plummer

We were very lucky today to have as our musical guest on Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! Courtney Plummer! We’ve been bringing you live and local music for more than three years now and we still find gems locally that make us say, “Why haven’t they been on the show before?” Lakeland and Polk County may have the most talented local musicians of any city, based on our experience with this segment. Thanks to Courtney for coming on the show! Not only is she musically gifted, she’s also got a delightful personality! Please enjoy this replay of today’s Lakeland Live!! segment and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for a video of Courtney doing her thing.




Talonda’s Take

On this week’s Talonda’s Take, she talked about a girlfriend who was becoming less attracted to her man because he’d gained some weight since they met. She was wondering should she say anything to him about this. Of course, that conversation could lead to an uncomfortable situation. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.
What’s our advice? Listen to today’s Clip of the Day to find out.



It’s Our Pleasure

On the Memorial Day edition of Mayhem in the AM, P.R. Strategist Lorrie Walker came in, despite it being a holiday, to discuss a hot-button topic that really hits close to home. Publix is a huge part of Lakeland, Polk County and the southeast U.S. A recent effort to boycott them over political contributions has grabbed headlines over the last several days. Guess what we’re talking about? Yes, that’s right.


Samuel Ortiz

Today on Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! we got a treat with a visit from Samuel Ortiz. If you haven’t heard him play, you’re missing out! Here’s the interview with Samuel featuring a couple of songs. You can watch him play one of them, the Latin classic, “Besame Mucho,” on our Facebook page. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and join us again on Memorial Day for another all-new edition of the show starting at 6 a.m. on Talk 1430 & Talk 96.7.
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