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Gilbert Gottfried

We were very happy to welcome back to Mayhem in the AM one of our favorites, comedian Gilbert Gottfried. Gilbert is working with a website, cameo.com, where you can hire him to deliver a personal message to friends or loved ones. We thought it would be a great Valentine’s Day gift but as Gilbert points out, you can pretty much send any message you want. Also, he’s got the #1 podcast on iTunes so you can

Gary Sinise

Today we welcomed actor and veterans’ advocate Gary Sinise to the show. Gary has a new book, an autobiography, called “GRATEFUL AMERICAN: A Journey From Self to Service.” In the book, Gary chronicles his never-before-told journey, from aimless teen to an actor/director with a purpose: a mission to support and raise awareness for the men and women who selflessly put themselves in harm’s way in service to our country. Please enjoy today’s Clip of the Day!

When Mom Plays Cupid

There was a story on today’s show out of Maryland where a Mom was attempting to play cupid for her son. Did she go about it the right way? Is it something she should never do? It boils down to help me out or butt out. Which one do you prefer? Listen to today’s clip of the day and you’ll also hear about something that some couples are never comfortable with, I guess?


Chris Torres

For today’s Clip of the Day, we give you Chris Torres on Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! Chris is in the band Revel in the View and he’s playing an acoustic show at Lkld Live so we asked him to stop by and give us a preview. Enjoy our chat with him and watch a video for his song, “The Sun” on our Facebook page. Have a great weekend and come back and see us Monday morning at 6 a.m. on Talk 1430 & Talk 96.7.

Love is in the Air!

Valentine’s Day is a couple of weeks away so now is the time we start thinking about what we’re going to do or get for our significant others. Maybe you’re single this time of year? Not the worst thing, but if you are and you want to ‘give’ something to your ex, we have an idea for you.
And then there’s Yuta Shinohara. He’s a 25-year-old guy in Japan, and he’s been obsessed with bugs since he was a kid.  Apparently, it got so serious that he says he recently DATED a cockroach named Lisa. He says they were exclusive for a YEAR before she died. After that happened, he commemorated her by EATING her with quote, “reverence.”  Oh, and he cleared up it was platonic and they didn’t have sex. Hear all the romantic details on today’s Clip of the Day!!


David Brimer

David Brimer came to visit us today for Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! We already knew David was a great musician and guitarist. Today we found out he’s also got a passion for writing and some of his work is being recognized! Find out all about it and enjoy our conversation with David below then make sure you check out our Facebook page for a video of his song, “Angry Update.” As always, thanks for listening and please enjoy your weekend. Be safe and come back dark and early Monday morning for the next all-new edition of the show on Talk 1430 & Talk 96.7.


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