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Courtney Plummer

Lakeland has the most cool and most vibrant music scene of any city we know! We’re very happy about that because it lets us continue to bring you great live music every Friday on Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! Courtney Plummer was our guest today and she sang for us a couple of beautiful tunes that she wrote. There’s a video of one of them on our Facebook page and you can hear the whole visit below. Thanks a lot to Courtney and thanks to you for listening and supporting local musicians and Mayhem in the AM on Talk 1430 & Talk 96.7!!


Spirit and the Cosmic Heart

We welcomed Spirit and the Cosmic Heart back to the show this week for Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! The band’s been busy since the last time they were here with shows and even the release of an EP. Check out today’s visit here and watch a video for the new song “Come Back to Me” on our Facebook page. Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you again Monday morning dark and early on Talk 1430 & Talk 96.7.


If you’re looking for live music on your morning radio show, look no further than Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! every Friday morning. Today we welcomed back to the show KitchenKillaz.  Billy Floyd and Jay “The Commodore” Stephens dropped by to share some new music with us. Check out their Facebook page and see whose kitchen these talented guys are playing next. Of course, your Clip of the Day is right here with the entire chat with the fellas and you can see a video of the new song, “Mannequin” on our Facebook page. Enjoy your weekend and thanks again for being a part of the Mayhem family on Talk 1430 & Talk 96.7.

All I Want for Christmas…

What’s your employer giving you for Christmas? A company in Wisconsin that produces novelty glassware embedded with a bullet as if it had been shot has decided to give every employee a handgun. The bosses at Benshot say most of the employees are excited to receive their present.
Also, in today’s Clip of the Day, is your child a picky eater? We (when I say ‘we’ I mean Len) have some tips to help your kids grow up with an appreciation of all foods or, to put it another way, help them grow up no like Christopher and Talonda, notorious for their picky eating habits.

Musical Fruit

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s the time of the year when the Florida Strawberry Festival announces their musical lineup. Next year’s event runs from February 28th through March 10th. As in years past, the new lineup is spectacular! Follow this link to see all the acts and get your tickets when they go on sale on December 12th. The 2019 Strawberry Festival Queen and a couple of her court members, along with the head honcho of the event stopped by to give us the info.

Gretchen Suarez Has The Write Stuff

We’ve said it many times before. There are some amazingly talented here in Polk County! Today we got the chance to speak with local playwright and actress Gretchen Suarez. Gretchen has written several plays and has had them in theatre festivals and competitions, where she has won awards! Her latest work is getting produced by a community theatre in Plant City and she came to Mayhem to tell us about it.

Hunter Smith

Today on Mayhem in the AM Presents Lakeland Live!! we welcomed singer/songwriter Hunter Smith! He’s very popular in the area and plays solo and with his band Jill’s Cashbox at shows all over. Hunter was solo this morning and played a couple of original tunes for us. Check out a video for the song “Moonshine Monday Night” and listen here to hear the entire visit with this local talent. Have a great and safe weekend and we’ll see you again dark and early Monday morning on Talk 1430 & Talk 96.7!!
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