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The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has released new documents that offer accounts from deputies who responded to the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando where 49 people were killed and 53 others were injured. Deputies arrived to the scene in the early morning hours on June 12 after receiving a request for backup from the Orlando Police Department. According to the report, deputies were told there was an “active shooter” and “multiple victims” in the area. RELATED: The documents provide an insight into the events following the shooting, with one deputy describing the scene as “chaotic.” In one account, a deputy wrote that responding units were given very little details about what was happening, but dispatch did tell them an OPD officer was “not responding to their radio after calling, ‘shots fired.’” Another deputy wrote that the first thing he saw when arriving at the scene was a triage location set up behind a restaurant. One deputy described hearing shots fired as he approached the club, according to the report. Many of the deputies who responded to the shooting were tasked with setting up perimeters in nearby streets.  Some even assisted medical teams and police with carrying victims away from the club. The shooting at Pulse nightclub has been called the worst mass shooting in recent U.S. history. Omar Mateen, the gunman, pledged allegiance to ISIS in calls he made to 911 during the shooting. Mateen was later shot and killed by police. Read individual reports from deputies here or below:

A manatee mom and her calf were rescued Friday after someone noticed the mom had some serious injuries. The pair were spotted in a canal near the intersection of Betty Lane and Overlea Street. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officers say people playing golf at a nearby golf course called three times and sent pictures after spotting the distressed manatee. The larger manatee had several large cuts on its back that experts say appear to have been caused by a boat propeller. About a dozen rescuers from FWC and Clearwater Marine Aquarium came out to help rescue the calf and its mother. They brought a stretcher to the edge of the shore, put nets in the water and had a backhoe ready to lift the Manatee. First, crews coaxed the manatee and her calf from the back of the canal into a net. They then pulled the manatees to the shore, the calf first. Rescuers poured water on her as she made sounds to communicate with her mother. ph: Saundra Weathers
Then, the big rescue. The team used their heavy machinery to lift the large female manatee to shore, then used the stretcher to load her into a truck. Both mother and calf were transported to Lowry Park Zoo, where they hope to nurse the mother back to health. Since the calf is so small, it will be by mom’s side the entire time.
Help FLA Four Legged Advocates a non-profit organization using dogs to calm young victims of crime. FLA-FLA
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